Triptych Shadow Box Nativity

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Triptych Shadow Box Nativity. The Triptych Shadow Box Nativity is a beautiful work of art that shows a bit of a different perspective on the birth date of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. On the left hand side, you see the three kingsmen in support of Mary and Joseph after baby Jesus was born. On the right hand side, you have the shepherd with his trusty sheep right by his side them too admiring baby Jesus after he has been brought into the world and last but not least, you have the centerpiece of the holy family of Mary and Joseph, looking in awe at their newborn, baby Jesus, as he takes his first breaths and his first look at not only his mother and father but at the world and the people that he will sacrifice his life for. Protecting the beautiful artwork is a layer of glass surrounded by a nice finish of gray colored wood encasing the artwork, making sure that your beautiful nativity is as protected as can be.