Beautiful Spirit Mug

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Beautiful Spirit Mug. The Beautiful Spirit Mug is a perfect gift for anyone but especially for mothers. The Beautiful Spirit Mug has a near feature where it comes with an extra piece that I like to call the topper. The topper can be used in one of two ways, first, it can be used as a lid to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold or it can be used to keep bugs out of your drink while outside, the second way the extra piece can be used is as a coaster, the topper can be flipped on its bottom side which reveals a circle shaped bulge which coincidentally fits the bottom of the mug perfectly so that you can avoid any sort of rings on your beautiful table(s) leaving them cleaner and looking as new as possible for longer. Another cool thing about this mug is that it has the scripture of Proverbs 3:18 around the rim so that you may read it every time you take a sip.